The Samuel D.J Cali Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 Non- Profit dedicated to promoting continuous education for persons who are hard-working and display loyalty to the sport of wrestling; while also maintaining brotherhood, sportsmanship, integrity, public service, and mentorship. The Sam Cali D. J. Cali Foundation contributes to the Vietnam Veterans Association and Homeless Veterans under Project Serve, a nationwide charitable organization founded by Sam in his Junior year of high school. The organization has deep roots in charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes to provide scholarships to further the education of high school students who participate in wrestling. 

Sam said it best:

“There are five words to best describe me: hard-working, determined, dedicated, focused and loyal. All of these tie into my school, sports, community service, and work. Hard work and dedication because in order to accomplish everything I have up until this point has not been easy, I have had a lot of hardships in my life. I am a first generation student forging the way for future family member. My family has given me my work ethic. My father is a Police Lieutenant and honor and pride is a way of life. We believe in serving and “giving back” to anyone in need. During my recovery for an injury, I sustained I decided to become the founder of a nationwide charitable organization. I partnered with the Vietnam Veterans of America to collect and distribute used medical equipment to our homeless veterans. I felt the medical equipment would best serve our treasured veterans instead of a landfill. I will bring my charity and sense of community with me when I attend college and throughout my life.”

Sam’s passion for wrestling began early on and only grew as he did. He proved to be a tough and determined opponent, always giving it his all every time he stepped on the mat. His effortless determination lead him to succeed in his quest to become a national competitor. As his parents, we admired the dedication and commitment he showed.



– Sam Cali

As Sam’s passion for wrestling grew, he started putting in countless hours of practice to hone his skills. Thousands of hours were spent on the road or on a plane to compete for the gold. This propelled him to become the young man he came to be. However, with his schedule filled, he never forgot about the people most important to him: his friends, family, and community, whether that community was local or global. Sam once said, “the best feeling in your life is only experienced a few times.” But this foundation will provide all of us with more opportunities to have those best feelings by helping others out of tough situations because to help your fellow man get ahead, we all win.

Meet the Board Members
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Michael Cali Sr. 

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Dominic Cali

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Michael Cali Jr.
Vice President

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Patricia Cali

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Theresa Cali

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Mike Pecci